10 Fascinating oils for your skin

10 Fascinating oils for your skin

The last few blog posts have been all about incorporating oil into your skin care routine. Every oil that we've highlighted are beautiful options for your skin and in this last and final post in the series we've save the random and most interesting for last. Maybe you've heard of these oils and maybe you haven't but after reading this you'll have no excuses! However we hopefully would have changed your perspective a little and given you something to consider. 



Nicknamed the "elephant tree" for the attraction its fruits exert on them, who have no qualms about uprooting it to get to the fruit.  Marula oil produces an oil that is naturally rich in Vitamin C and E, antioxidants and Oleic Acid. Soothing, nurturing, and healing. This oil alleviates redness on children's skin and helps one achieve a glowing complexion. It's also said to help get rid of cellulite!


This oil works wonders on mature and sensitive skin. This light yellow oil's concentration in Vitamin E and in essential fatty acids helps ward off the signs of aging and the excessive dryness of mature skin. This oil also combats irritations and eczema. 


Very rich in Vitamin E and Provitamin A it is efficient when it comes to warding off the signs of aging and mature skin to which it restores a most enviable measure of firmness and tonicity. This oil also helps to minimize the damage brought on by long and repeated exposure to the sun.  It also helps in extreme weather conditions such as cold fronts, high winds, and wild temperature swings. 


This oil's concentration in Tocotrienols (form of Vitamin E) and Phytosterols (anti-irritation benefits) is rich with reviving properties that comforts all types of mature skin. It is rapidly absorbed and prevents the onset of wrinkles big and small. 


This is a rare and precious oil, Baobab only produces 1L of oil a year. This oil is a lifesaver for dry to very dry skin. It provides lasting softness and comfort. This one will keep your skin feeling incredibly smoothe. Baobab seed oil is also great for dry, curly, or frizzy hair! 


Its greenish blue hue, is very fragrant and known to benefit the hair and the skin!  It's healing and soothing properties bring comfort to the body and is delicate enough for your face too!  This oil also works on any dark rings under the eyes by boosting circulation. This is is best diluted in an other vegetable oil. 

Regular application of this little gem at night will help even out darker complexions.  It's healing and soothing properties bring comfort to the skin of the face and body. It's the perfect remedy for problematic skin!


The composition of high Oleic, linoleic Acid and Vitamin E, makes this oil perfect for assisting with cell turnover and healing.  This oil is non-allergenic and is a potent remedy for parched, very dry, or atopic skin. 


A fabulous face oil, highly concentrated in Omega 5, 6 and 9. This oil does wonders for the care of sensitive skin marked by the signs of aging and protects the skin from stress. This oil can be used everyday. 


This oil is thin, light in texture and has a dry feel. It absorbs incredibly well and is exceptionally nourishing. Rich in Omega 3 it restores full suppleness to dry skin. This oil is also said to calm Psoriasis. Additionally this oil can be used to lighten other oils and enhance their potency. 

All of these oils are fascinating in their own way. Sure some of the oils are on the rare/expensive side; however incorporating some of them into your daily or nightly skin care routine can be incredibly beneficial.  we hope these last few weeks you've been able to discover some new oils and opened you up to trying some of them. 

And hey, if you don't want to go out and find these gems yourself, follow us on Instagram and twitter to latest the latest creations from Shia Skin Care. Something's tells us that there will be some new oil based products coming soon! 

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