7 must have Teas in your Beauty Apothecary

7 must have Teas in your Beauty Apothecary

We might not immediately think of tea when it comes to our skincare routine, however incorporating herbal teas can be incredibly beneficial.  Herbal teas have many medicinal benefits, they're the first thing we reach for when we have a cold or flu, but did you know that they have many skin care benefits as well? Yup, it's true! From combating wrinkles to preventing the breakdown of collagen and elastin in your skin.  Here are the 7 must have teas that everyone who cares about the health of their skin should have in the arsenal. 


Beautifully aromatic tea Chamomile protects your skin from sun damage due to its high concentration of quercetin and it promotes restful beauty sleep. Also a good cramp reliever during your period. 


Although a little bitter in flavor this tea is a gentle diuretic that supports liver function and digestion.....both are essential for gorgeous skin! Try a little agave or raw honey to cut the bitterness. 


The spiciness of Ginger is wonderful for so many reasons, helping you digest heavy meals is one of them! However it also works magic for you overall due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger tea can be made by simply infusing fresh grated ginger root into hot water or you can get Ginger Powder to mix into hot water or if you're prone to migraines, into a little water as a quick fix!  Don't forget it also chases away those pesky colds. 


Green tea has the ability to block wrinkle formation and even reverse UV damage due to its free radical-fighting catechins like EGCG. The catechins in green tea are even more powerful antioxidants than vitamins C and E.m, and they've demonstrated the amazing ability to restore and revive dying skin cells. 


Loaded with antioxidants, including quercetin, the UVB-protectant pigment that's anti-cancer, anti-aging, and great for allergy sufferers- a natural antihistamine! 


This energizing tea helps the body handle stress and balance hormones. Try combining this one with Jasmine for an aromatic boost, Rose for added anti-aging benefits, or Ginger for its anti-inflammatory benefits. 


This tea contains anti-inflammatory phytochemicals that prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin, which contributes to signs of aging. White Tea offers anti aging effects even in small amounts, so you can start getting your beauty benefits immediately!

Pro Tip:

If you can't find some of these teas made by your favorite brands, try loose leaf teas. Loose leaf teas are the best and preferred way of getting your tea. It's perfect because you can control what's in it, no fillers like in some brands. You can make your own blends to fit your specific needs and at most herb or spice shops you can only buy what you need! This allows for sampling teas before committing to a full box of something you know you'll never drink again. 

Loose leaf teas may seem like extra work for a beginner but it's quite the opposite. All you need is a tea ball infuser which  averages about $1.50, fill, steep, and go! That's really all it is! 

What to do with all that loose tea?

Loose leaf tea is best stored in stainless steel containers, which it's usually packaged in when you purchase it or colored glass jars. Store in a dark place, away from the sun and away from your other spices. Don't keep them in the fridge! Besides taking up space it doesn't actually keep your teas fresher longer. 

These beautiful teas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to herbal tea options, but a great foundation. A quick and easy solution to boosting your health and your skin!  


Our skin is an amazing organ and if we’re paying attention will tell us what it needs. If you’re stressed you could break out with small patches of Eczema or hormonal acne. If you’re dehydrated your skin could be uncharacteristically dry and if it doesn’t like a chemical or food you’ve put on/in your body, it will tell you in the form of a rash. The point of the matter is that taking care of yourself on the inside can be beneficial to you on the outside. Don’t sleep on teas, it’s an easy way to boost your skincare routine without much effort!

Try these teas individually or combine your favorites, and with the cooler months ahead it's a perfect time to build your Apothecary!



-Be comfortable in your skin

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