Eating for your skin: Fall Edition

Eating for your skin: Fall Edition

Living in a climate where the seasons come and go, letting go of Summer can feel a little deflating. Gone are the long days and warm nights. That bounce in your step you had in the mornings is replaced with the urge to pull the covers over your head and scream "I don't wanna!!!" 

Well just like that didn't work for us as kids it won't work for us now. However, back then it was easy to face the world all perky and fresh faced because our skin was the definition of youthful. These days, we've got to put a little work in. 

We've discussed before how eating the right foods can benefit your skin. Well just like the changing of the seasons, it's a good rule of thumb to change up what you eat seasonally as well. Here are the Autumn Beauty Foods that will keep you satiated and keep your skin healthy.    


This is an easy one! Fall is the best times for Apples. Yes you can have them all year round but in terms of the variety available in the fall, is like a trip to Baskin Robbins. 

As tempted as I am to go on and on about Apples, I won't do that to you guys. It also doesn't matter so much which ones you choose. Apples are all about the skin! Apple skins contains antioxidant and the anti-inflammatory pigment Quercetin known for its powerful defense against free-radical and UVB damage. Apple skins also contains a photochemical that defends against wrinkle causing AGEs and also lowers cholesterol. Looks like an apple a day can keep the wrinkles away!


Is an amazing beauty food to incorporate into your diet. It's a great source for building collagen and preventing wrinkles since it's packed with Vitamin C.  Dark circles a problem? Start adding this veggie to your dishes. It's also loaded with Vitamin K which strengthens capillaries helping to prevent dark circles. Getting back into the swing of things and pending holiday madness can stress you out. Adding broccoli to your diet can also help out with the stress related inflammation in the body. And we all know how stress can effect your skin.  Who knew broccoli was so good for it?!


Of course the rule of thumb here is always fresh, raw, and organic if you can find it. Definitely not talking about the canned or dried variety here. Cranberries are all about Anti-aging benefits. They're packed with anti-oxidants including Anthocyanin pigments that protect our skin cells and collagen. Want to keep that summer glow throughout the cooler months? The flavonoids in cranberries increase the skins tolerance to UV light and give the skin a gorgeous glow. So add some fresh cranberries to your morning smoothie or chopped up in your next salad, it can really be that simple! 


I may not be a big fan of cooler weather but I am a huge fan of the produce available during these next couple months and Acorn Squash is no exception.  Besides the many ways to enjoy this veggie Acorns are also incredibly high in minerals. One of the biggest is Iron. 

The benefits of Iron tend to be associated with strong hair and nails. However Iron levels can also affect the skin's overall appearance. Lack of iron can cause a multitude of issues from fatigue to pale and dull looking skin. When the body has the proper amounts of iron the body functions more effectively and your skin will show it. 

The upcoming cooler months tend to naturally slow things down and forces us indoors more than some of us would like. However, with the decrease in temperatures and the increase in appetite it doesn't mean that we have to sacrifice healthy looking skin. 

So load up on these beauty foods! Also check out what your local farmer's market has to offer and try something new. Your skin will thank you! 

We hope you're enjoying the blog and stay tuned. This month we'll be featuring blogs dedicated to helping you navigate the new season without letting your skin suffer in the process.  

-Be comfortable in your skin

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