How to cope with stress Naturally.

How to cope with stress Naturally.

Going through some of my older blogs I came across this one. I originally wrote this a few years ago and reading this again I had two thoughts:

  1. I need to practice what I preach

  2. This is more important now, then ever before.

    All that is going on with Covid-19, the state of Politics, the state of civility, and on and on. I thought of all the blogs I’ve written right now this is one we could all use.

So please take a read and try one or all of these tips if you need it, we all need an easy way to alleviate a little bit of stress these days.




Among all things to look forward to, the end of Summer is never one of them. The end of Summer brings the end of beach days and extended vacations, and brings on the daily routine of work, meetings, school, and after school programs. All of that just means added stress to the mix. Often we juggle all of this without a second thought, mostly of it necessity. However our bodies are very much aware of all that we do and ,try to do. Eventually the stress shows itself and it's almost always on the skin.  Acne, Eczema, Wrinkles, or Sagging skin it's almost always stress related. So since we can't send you an assistant or clone you, we can help you fight the good fight naturally. 


Yes Hormones, there's no escaping it. Hormones seem to have a mind of their own. Up down and all over the place. They are finicky things that are effected by everything: sleep, or lack thereof, over exertion, fear, caffeine, financial pressure, toxins, poor diet, and the list goes on and on.  

Trying to manage all this without the caffeine and poor diet choices can be more than overwhelming but balance is the key.  Easier said than done. Balance is the best way to manage all things and keeping your hormones in balance is definitely the key to keeping your skin from aging prematurely and showing the world just how stressed out you really are. 

Just how to manage it all

Trying to find balance can be stressful in and of itself, however if you can incorporate just a few things into your routine you can surprisingly find that all elusive balance.  So here are a few tips to get you started. 

  • Steal 5 Minutes

  • Exercise

  • Make time for girls night. even if by Zoom

  • Create a nighttime routine 

  • Set a timer for 20 minutes, grab the book you’ve been putting off reading, and go

  • Sit, close your eyes, and take a deep breath, breathing in and out as you count to 10. Do that 25 times. Take the moment to just be still, it will make all the difference in your week. Need help with this? Try Headspace

Steal some time

Even on the craziest of days there's at least 5 minutes that you don't need to be someone else's hero.  So take it!! Whether you listen to your favorite song, take an extra long lunch, or even if you can find a place to just sit in silence, do it!! Remember if you are always going full steam ahead eventually you'll run out of steam. 


It's more than just beneficial for your waistline, it can also help calm your mind. It doesn't really matter what the exercise is as long as you enjoy it. So take a dance class or boxing, whatever floats your boat. Your skin will thank you!

Don't forget the ladies!!

We try to always find a Natural & healthy solution to things here at Shia, however sometimes you need is a little booze and gossip! We need our girls, sometime to decompress and a little wine! We all could benefit from taking a load off every now and then.  Do you.....without apologies!

It works for kids.....

We tend to have a plan for everyone else, except ourselves. We plan vacations, dinners, meetings, etc etc. We need to do a little planning specifically for ourselves. 

Best place to start.....bedtime! 

We all know sleep is the best medicine, yet getting enough of it and decent sleep isn't always so easy. A lot of us these days have resorted to pills to go down or just not going down much at all. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that's not necessarily the best way to go.  

So if you have a routine for your kids try creating one for yourself. Here's a few tips to help you wind down naturally. 

  • Don't eat so close bedtime 

  • Have tea instead of wine (or after)

  • Spray you bedsheets and pillows with Lavender water 

  • Buy an alarm clock and keep the screens in another room

  • Turn off the TV and turn on some light music 


  • Figure out what works best for you and get yourself into the habit of doing this regularly. If there's only one tip to add to your day to help you keep your life in balance, make sure it's getting a good night sleep. It's the only time your body has to really help you prepare for the next days to do list.

    Not to mention Beauty sleep never hurts.

-Be comfortable in your skin



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