What's your Fall Beauty Routine?

What's your Fall Beauty Routine?

'Tis the season once again for change. Changing of the leaves, changing of the fashion, and yes time to switch up your skin care routine. Every season your skin calls for something different, whether it's more moisture when the weather is drier or protection when the sun is its strongest.  We need to always be mindful of our skin's needs and nurture it naturally.....it is the Shia way!

Fall is this beautifully unpredictable season. Just when you think it's time to pull out the scarfs and sweaters, the next day you're in desperate need of some sunscreen and a good pair of shades. The weather can be all over the place but it doesn't mean your skin needs to be.

Now is the perfect time, as Summer winds down, to prepare your skin and your beauty cabinet for those soon to be consistently cooler days. 


First up..... Exfoliate!!! No need in trying to moisturize your skin once it's dried out without getting rid of the old stuff first. As we've mentioned before it's always a good practice to exfoliate regularly. As much as we all love the summer heat it can also be drying to the skin. So if you've skipped a few weeks or if you just want to keep it up, try switching up your scrub with some fall friendly ingredients.

What to look for:

  • Rosemary - known for its regenerative abilities and a natural stimulant for increase blood flow. great herb to use for a homemade infusion. Mix half cup of dried rosemary and a heavier oil such as olive oil. Let it sit in the sun for about 2 weeks. Strain and use oil to mix with salt or sugar to exfoliate your skin and keep you moisturized.

  • Calendula - known as one of the best herbs for skin care because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and astringent properties. Calendula is soothing and improves the appearance of the skin. Try this one and infuse it in Olive or fractionated Coconut Oil. This makes a great base for a scrub or a moisturizer. 

Both of these herbs can be great to incorporate into your fall beauty routine and you can use them in so many ways. From making oil infusions to simply adding the herbs to your favorite scrubs. 


They're is absolutely no way around it. Our skin needs moisture all the time, day and night! It's what helps maintain that youthful Shia Glow. keeping your skin hydrated on the inside and moisturized on the outside will keep you putting your best face forward.  Now that the weather is switching things up on us. It's good to get in the practice now so you're prepared for the drier cooler months. Even if you're in a temperate climate you still can't escape the need for moisture. Maybe just how you go about it. 

So here's an easy quick tip regardless of where you live.

Moisturizing Body Oils!

Since we believe in doing this the natural way, a little beauty by nature if you will, here are some tips to making your own. 

Take your new found DIY skills and create a custom blend perfect for your skin or use the above herbal infusion recipe. Choose your favorite oils and use them right out of the shower for your body and on your face for a nighttime treatment. 

  • You can blend the above recipe and mix it with different oils such as Avocado or coconut for a lighter version. 

  • Add some drops of Frankincense, Lavender, or Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, to boost its effectiveness, to your favorite night creams or daily moisturizers. 

The fall season is all about regeneration and renewal so this is the time of year to take a step back and prepare your skin for the Winter months and there's no better way to do that than to exfoliate and moisturize. This time of year you should be exfoliating 2 a week and adding moisture constantly. On those Summer like days choose a lighter Oil as a base and on those cooler ones thicken it up a bit. 

Best Oils to use

Light Bodied:







Medium Bodied:




Fuller Bodied:



So in an attempt to not turn this blog into a novel, we'll dive deeper into these Oils in the next blog. Why they are a good choice, which ones to choose and why.

So follow us and subscribe to the blog for All about Oils in the next blog.


-Be comfortable in your skin

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